March 16, 2008 - July 14, 2008 sweet_ranger roxie_ranger




Ranger's mom Roxie gave birth to her first litter of 4 pups on March 16, 2008. Ranger proved to be the smartest little gaffer out of the bunch. He was always "The First", first to find his voice, the first to escape out of the pen, first to escape out of the kitchen, first to discover the cat, first to climb the couch, first to climb the coffee table and the first to know his name in one day. He was a fun independant puppy with so much love.

Saddly he is missed, especially by Lisa, who had her little "Forest Ranger" at her side as a Tenures Technician for the Ministry of Forests and Range Chilcotin Forest District.

Ranger was simply the BEST!



Roxie playing with the pups and gives them one last chance for a sip of milk.


Ranger and his 3 sibblings were nick named, J. A. C. K. in their birth order. He was pup "A".
Ranger "The Crooner"
Ranger sings to Peanut


Pups, J. A. C. K play fighting over a glove.



In this assignment I used video from a digital image/photo camera. I choice to use the pups as a fun topic. I shortened the video clips and added music with Quick Time Pro. One clip has two songs added to it.

I found that saving the files in an Mp4 format the video quality was poor, so stayed with a Quick Time format.